Characteristics of Using Marijuana for Recreational Purposes 

Unlike medical marijuana that is prescribed by doctors for medical purposes, recreational marijuana is solely for enjoyment. A person uses marijuana for recreation to help them have fun, relax, reduce stress and see the world from another perspective. So, when a person is using marijuana for recreational purposes, they do it in a specific way. This article has compiled several characteristics when using marijuana for recreational reasons. They might help you if you are a beginner in this.

  • Rationing and Conserving

Using marijuana for recreational reasons is only done in small amounts. You can ration the consumption to get the little effect. The main aim is not to get stoned but to feel the mild effect. So, you don’t use large quantities. There are dispensaries with edibles that sell a specific amount of these products to an individual in a day. So, you can take only the small amount you need for the day.

  • Not Used Frequently

Recreational marijuana is occasional. You cannot use it as a way of spending your time. So, you will spend your time doing other important things and very little time when consuming marijuana. So, you don’t have to interrupt your daily activities.

  • No Coercion 

Whether it is weed edibles, that can be enticing, or any other product, using marijuana for recreation does not involve coercion. You can easily and comfortably make the decision of using cannabis products or not even when they are offered for free. So, compulsion is not instilled in the recreational use of marijuana.

  • No Compromise on the Budget

Some people spend a lot of money on buying marijuana products like edibles, rolled joints, drinks, and others. However, if you use marijuana for recreation only, you don’t spend the excess money on buying weed. You can also not compromise on buying important stuff like food, paying bills, or clothes. In short, you don’t sacrifice important things for marijuana.

  • Used in Social Settings

Just like any other recreational activity, using marijuana is done in a social setting. You can use it with friends or even alone. The main aim is not to heal a disease or cure a condition. You are doing it to feel the little effects. In short, you don’t ‘need’ it. You are only doing it as a fun thing.

  • Not Used for Stimulation

Recreational marijuana is not used to increase your mood for sex or increase your appetite. In short, there is no big reason for having it. That is why because of the limited use, you can comfortably drive your car. You don’t get stoned with a little amount or few puffs. So, it is possible to carry on with other activities considering that it does not impair your coordination or judgment.


Even with the careful and calculated use of marijuana, it does not mean that it will not cause health issues. Remember that smoke is harmful to your lungs, and it has been associated with other problems like cancer and breathing difficulties. Recreational marijuana is not used to alleviate body symptoms but is only used for enjoyment. So, you can differentiate between medical and recreational marijuana.