Choosing a FUE doctor

You want the best possible hair transplant procedure. If that is the case, you need to do thorough research on the available hair transplant doctors and choose the best suited. Skills, experience, and aesthetic results of doctors vary, and all you need to know is that whatever results you get from a procedure you’ll live with for the rest of your life.

Therefore, why not take time and choose the best doctor who would deliver the desired results? Continue reading and find out some of the factors you need to consider when selecting a hair transplant doctor.


Being a doctor is not just the papers or theory acquired in school; it’s more practice. Hair transplant is a challenging field that requires years of study, continuous research, and training. Thus when you’re looking for the FUE doctor, you’ve to find out how long they’ve been doing such procedures. If possible, get someone who’s been working in a busy clinic or hospital and with experience in hair transplant. That means they’ve experience in doing procedures that are similar to yours. Thus the rate of success is high and with minimal risk.

Is the doctor registered and licensed to do a hair transplant?

As you look for a hair transplant doctor, you must check through independent organizations like the International Society of hair restoration surgeons (ISHRS). Such organizations endorse selected physicians based on their high standards of care, ethics, and consistently superior results. Let the doctor show proof that they are registered with the relevant organizations and licensed by the medical department. That way, you can be sure you’re in good hands.

Many doctors claim to do hair transplant procedures, and you must find out their level of experience. Look for one that does hair transplants exclusively and not a ‘jack-of-all-trades.’


Someone who has been practicing as a hair transplant doctor must have a portfolio and a platform where he/she meets with clients. Do they have a website, social accounts where clients can give feedback? A specialist without an account is not worth a trial- most quacks would not want to be exposed and, therefore, don’t have social accounts where clients can express their dissatisfaction. Other client’s feedback and testimonials will tell you whether the doctor is the right choice or not.

You can single out a few contacts that you can call and find out about the doctor. A better option also would be to ask for referrals from friends and relatives. It’s a perfect way of getting a reliable hair transplant specialist.

Cost of service

One of the unique things about hair transplant is that most of the best doctors charge slightly higher above the less experienced. Therefore, if you’re looking for the cheapest option, you may end up getting someone who is less experienced and likely to mess you up.

You have to do thorough research for a hair transplant doctor here

who offers excellent experience and a straightforward success story. Once you have that, then you can negotiate on the amount to pay. However, don’t push too hard in your negotiation; pay well for an excellent service.