Colours really set the tone of your mood. Every colour implies something and affects your mood accordingly. Furniture sets the tone of your room. Every room has its own ambience, its own theme. My room is set on the theme of music and its colour is blue. Had the same theme been coloured in pink, I don’t think I would have liked it as much as I like it now.

To give a good interior to your room, the colour of the walls and the colour of the furniture in your room should either be similar or be matching in a way that looks good. In my opinion, just like a nursery of colourful flowers should not have black- painted walls, a library can have white- painted walls. Colours set the meaning, mood and theme of the room. Colours can give to and take life from a room.

The same kind of role is played by furniture. An empty room will not look as interactive as a room with pretty furniture will look. Furniture is bound to be matched with the colours and theme of the room. A few colours like yellow and lime green, in my opinion, can not look good in an office set up.

Here are a few colours that can look good on both, office furniture and room furniture:

  • Blue

I think, blue painted walls can look epic with dark coloured or to be more specific, dark brown coloured furniture. Your standing desk and office chair can be of dark brown colour and the walls of your office can be of blue colour. It will give a lavish look to the office and the same combination can also be used to décor your personal room at home. It is going to make the room breathable.

  • Black

For all the black lovers, black coloured walls with black coloured furniture, all matte, can make your office look super stylish. Black can do the magic no other colour can do. It looks smart, luxurious and charming especially when it is all matte. An ergonomic office chair, all black, with a wall painted all black is going to look super classy.

  • Magenta

Magenta is a colour so underrated that the beauty it defines with goes unnoticed. Magenta coloured walls with dark grey coloured furniture can look super dashing. Be it your office or your personal room at home or even your dining room, this combination can light your mood up. It’s soothing and looks elegant. Grey coloured office chairs can depict the kind of elegance that you will need to set an image of your work in people’s minds.

  • White

White is an all time favourite as it can be paired with any and every colour. It can look as refreshing as a blossom and as rich as an orchid. White walls paired with golden coloured furniture or golden coloured walls paired with white coloured furniture can look super rich. White with blue also looks flawless and can rejuvenate any theme be it an office, your dining, or your personal room.

That is the importance of getting the right furniture of the right colour and getting your walls painted according to the theme of the room. The focus on your room’s décor can really have a long-lasting impact on your physical and mental health. About the furniture, an office chair can be super comfortable but not enough. To complete, you can also get an ergonomic office chair and a motorized standing desk and get them coloured in a colour that suits your room/ office.