Everything You Wish To Know About Gum Disease And Periodontist

More than half the numbers of adults over the age of 40 have been troubled with gum problems. It would not be wrong to suggest that lacking the knowledge about the beginning of gum disease or the condition has a significant role to play. Not all would be aware of how the condition manifests consequences of not taking proper care of the condition and the various forms of treatments available. People might not be aware of the increasing issues in their mouths. Moreover, if you neglect the condition, gum disease could result in the loss of teeth along with other health issues.

Let us delve into the condition briefly along with dismissing the myths associated with it. You would require hiring the services of a periodontist.

Keeping Truth Apart From Fiction

There have been numerous misconceptions surrounding the periodontal disease that emerged recently. Most people ascertain that it has been due to not brushing their teeth regularly. Rest assured that more than 25% of the world’s population has been genetically susceptible to the condition. While, others consider it a minor problem and expect it to disappear with time. Rest assured that the problem would not disappear on its own unless treated properly. Similar to other infections, it would spread if not eliminated appropriately. It would result in discomfort while eating and hampering your appearance as well. You might have to resort to dental implants.

Most people believe gum disease to be a serious issue. However, they consider periodontal disease treatment painful. However, the presently available periodontists could offer IV sedation. It would help you undergo the treatment with ease. It would make your experience relatively more comfortable.


Periodontitis Versus Gingivitis

It would be worth mentioning here that both conditions signify gum problems. Gingivitis determines the first sign of the condition. In a majority of cases, people suffering from gingivitis would not feel any kind of discomfort while eating. Therefore, they might not realize the problem developing in their mouth. When the problem is identified at an early stage, rest assured that you could resolve the problem at your home.

On the other hand, Periodontitis has been deemed the advanced stage of gingivitis. Therefore, it could be a relatively more serious condition. In case, you leave it unattended, the plaque developed on the teeth would start impacting your gum line. Moreover, your mouth’s bacteria would begin producing toxins for breaking down your teeth’s support structure. Therefore, it would become vital that you seek appropriate treatment from a periodontist.

Watch Out For Various Warning Signs

The question is how you would know if there is a problem, mainly in the initial stages. Foremost, you should consider looking for signs in your gums that become swollen and bleed after brushing. Moreover, consider determining if your gums have started to recede. In case, your teeth appear loose or the teeth’s support structure fails to remain firm, rest assured that you might have started developing periodontal disease. In case, you witness any of such symptoms, consider scheduling a meeting with your periodontist and discuss how to resolve the problem.

Developing Good Hygiene

Your dental hygiene habits should be good. It should be developed from early childhood. Such good habits would suit you decently during your adulthood. Avoiding gingivitis and periodontitis would be largely dependent on regular and proper flossing and brushing. It has a twofold objective:

  1. Stops Plaque Spread
  2. Preventing The Production Of Harmful Toxins From Bacteria


It would be worth mentioning here that the development of toxins would deteriorate the tissue and bone surrounding the teeth.

You could keep the plaque under control by flossing and brushing at least twice a day. Nonetheless, your floss and toothbrush might not eliminate all the bacteria or plaque from your mouth. That is why it would be vital to consider visiting a periodontist or a dentist for regular cleaning of your mouth at least once every six months. Moreover, consider making the most of a medical mouthwash every day to eliminate the development of bacteria. It would also assist you in preventing the spreading of plaque.

What Role Does A Periodontist Play?

Your periodontist is not known for only providing dental implants but for several other roles as well. He would cater to you with adequate advice and guidance to assist in the prevention of periodontitis and gingivitis. He would analyze the problem and implement any work essential to eradicate it. A qualified dental professional undergoes comprehensive training and education. They have adequate experience and mastery of the strategies used in periodontal disease treatment.

To Sum It Up

Any symptoms you notice related to gum disease require scheduling an appointment with your periodontist for a pain-free treatment.