How to Have More Intimacy in Your Relationship

Are you looking for new ways to inject intimacy into your relationship? Everybody and every couple run into a slump at some point in any long-term relationship. Battling to maintain intimacy is something everyone must do to keep things close and maintain a solid foundation. The great news is that working on intimacy can be a lot of fun and an area of exploration for you and your partner. Improving intimacy will make you feel better about yourself and more secure in your relationship. You’ll become more in tune with who you are and get to know your partner on a deeper level.

Schedule Time

Even though it may feel forced, you have to do what you have to do to make sure you allocate time to be intimate with your partner. If that means putting something on the calendar, so be it. When life happens, it can be hard to remember to take time to be alone with your partner. The kids, work, and a million other things get in the way and suddenly you are too tired to even think about intimacy. Have a serious conversation about you and your partner’s satisfaction levels around how often you have sex and the quality of sex you’re having. Invest time to make sure both of you are getting what you need.

Spice Things Up

Every couple runs into a sex and intimacy slump. Things become routine and you start taking things for granted. You stop complimenting your partner on their physical appearance and expressing the intimate desire for them you once did. When you feel things getting a bit dull, you need to spice things up. You can do this by buying toys you and your partner can use in bed, some nice lingerie, lotions, and other intimate products. This can be a bit hard for some people because you’re stepping out of your comfort zone, but your partner will appreciate the effort.

Address Any Medical Issues

Sometimes medical and physical health issues get in the way of intimacy. Whether you are having a desire issue or facing something like erectile dysfunction, you can get medical assistance to help you overcome it. Talk to a doctor who specializes in sexual performance. They can diagnose what’s wrong and create a plan to help you get back to normal or even better than normal. Now, there are mail-order services that make getting any medication you need easy and discreet.

Peptides and Sexual Desire

Researchers are discovering that, in tests done on rodents, the peptide PT-141 has positive effects on sexual desire and performance. PT-141 is also sometimes referred to as the “female Viagra” rodents that were given PT-141 exhibited higher levels of sexual desire and had sex more often. The studies point to larger future use that could help improve intimacy on all levels.

Improve Your Physical and Mental Health

For someone to desire you, you have to be desirable If you are struggling to keep intimacy alive in your relationship, then getting in shape, building confidence, and becoming a better person is a great place to start. Start going outside for walks or runs if you’re able. Take vitamins to increase vitality. Start exploring ways to further yourself in your career or education to build confidence and project positive vibes. Your partner will take notice and you’ll immediately become more desirable as a partner. The great news about this step is that it can start today. You don’t have to wait to start taking daily walks or getting your diet in order. Once you start, you’ll see improvements in your relationship and intimacy with your partner.