How To Prevent Acne

Acne is a common condition which results from plugged or plucked hair follicles beneath the skin. This condition occurs in people in all age brackets and might be pus-filled in some instances. As stated above, this condition is prevalent, and there are over four million cases annually in the US.

Anybody who has dealt with persistent acne knows the challenges it brings to the skin. This condition might last a few months, and medical spa Oklahoma has the right professionals to help you battle it.

Below we discuss how to prevent acne.

Wash Your Face Properly

The first step in preventing acne should be washing your face correctly. Acne might occur anywhere on the skin but is mainly found on the face. Even though the skin microbiome is complex, research has identified the Propionibacterium, which causes acne. This bacterium causes inflammation after turning sebum into fatty acids.

The best way to prevent pimples is by removing excess sweat and dirt from the face. Generally, you are advised to wash your face at least twice a day.

Acknowledge Your Skin Type 

You should know your skin type since it helps determine the best products. Individuals with oily skin are more likely to experience acne. It is advisable to use a moisturizer as they keep the skin hydrated, which significantly impacts acne-prone skin.

However, some moisturizers have a synthetic fragrance or oil that might cause pimples or irritate your skin.

Stay Hydrated

The body signals the oil glands on the skin to produce more oil if you are dehydrated, which might lead to more pimples. Dehydration makes your skin dull, which further promotes discolouration.

You should drink five glasses of water daily to keep your body well-hydrated. You are mainly advised to take water after training, when nursing, and pregnant.

Avoid Makeup

Most people are tempted to use makeup to conceal pimples, but this is not advisable because it might trigger outbreaks. Instead, you should opt for a concealer or foundation if you do not want to remove makeup from your routine.

It would help if you remembered to gently wipe the makeup off before going to bed to keep the skin healthy. Besides limiting makeup, you should avoid certain products that irritate the skin, including dry shampoo and hair spray.

Limit Your Sun Exposure 

Catching sun rays might eliminate pimples in the short-term but might cause dire consequences later. You are advised against having prolonged exposure to the sun as it dehydrates the skin, which makes it block pores.

Wearing sunscreen safeguards your skin, but you should use noncomedic designs, as they have the best effect.

Use Tea Tree Oil 

Tea tree is a common acne remedy, and it has the terpinene compound, which eliminates bacteria and fungi. It will help to apply at least two drops to the inflamed area for the best results.

Final Thoughts 

Acne is a common condition in the US and can be regulated using the above steps. Reach out for more details.