How to prevent gastroesophageal reflux disease

Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) happens when acid within the stomach often goes into the tube that joins the mouth and the esophagus. This results in the esophagus being agitated. Individuals frequently experience this acid reflux and, in the long run, can lead to further health concerns such as esophagitis.

Fortunately, GERD can be prevented if you choose to make a few changes in your daily life and shift to a healthier lifestyle.

Since it is crucial to shed light on how to prevent GERD from occurring, here are a few ways it can easily be avoided:

●       Watch your weight

Obesity is one of the main reasons why GERD occurs. This is because the excess fat on the stomach presses the abdomen, causing the gastric juices to go up in your esophagus leading to acid reflux. Hence, a necessary means of prevention is losing weight. This can be done through a healthy diet as well as exercise.

●       Careful eating

Some foods can trigger GERD, so it is best to know which ones can and cannot and avoid those that can. These include foods that are spicy, acidic, garlic, fried food, caffeine such as tea or coffee, foods that have mint, and so on. Steering clear of such foods can allow you to be at a lower risk of GERD.

Moreover, eating in smaller portions is also advisable. This is because having large meals makes the stomach fill and pressurize the lower esophageal sphincter. Water also has the same impact, and hence it is better to drink it in bits throughout the day instead of a larger quantity in fewer amounts.

●       Check your medicines

Just like foods, some medicines can raise the risk of GERD occurring. Such medication should be mentioned and discussed with your doctor to give you perhaps an alternative that does not have the same impact. Examples include iron tablets, painkillers, as well as specific antibiotics.


●       Keep away from smoking and alcohol

Smoking increases the making of acid within the stomach. Hence it is harmful to the body. Similarly, alcohol also expands the acid production within the abdomen. They both also play an active part in easing the lower esophageal sphincter. Therefore, these smoking and alcohol should be actively avoided.

●       Stay upright

Try not to lie down and rest immediately after eating. Waiting a couple of hours and then go to bed. Try to stay upright so that there no pressure is increased on your stomach. It is recommended to walk around after eating so that the pressure is released.


●       Keep track

It is essential to be well informed of what is happening within your body. Therefore, if you feel symptoms that you may have been feeling before and feel that they might indicate GERD, then keep track of them so that when you visit a doctor, it is easy for them to diagnose and treat you.

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