Important Questions Answered about Varicose Vein Problems and Solutions 

Endovenous Laser Therapy or evlt treats the incompetent greater saphenous vein, coursing along the inside part of the leg from the ankle to the groin. It is an underlying cause of varicose veins. 

The process is done in the office under local anesthesia using ultrasound guidance. A laser fiber would be passed through a small sheath inserted into the greater saphenous vein. After activating the laser, the heat generated from the laser would pass through the inner lining of the vein and sealing it. The entire process is performed by making a tiny incision. As a result, there would be no after surgery scarring. By applying pressure to the treated veins through a compressive dressing or compression hose, you could enjoy the healing benefits. 

The quick recovery time offered by evlt due to no large surgical incisions or side effects of general anesthesia is a boon for you. You would get back to your routine activities the following day. However, it would be advised to abstain from vigorous physical activity inclusive of weight lifting and aerobics during such a time. It is advised that the patients should not take flights for a week after the procedure. 

Why invest in evlt procedure rather than any other Varicose vein treatment? 

Find below a few essential benefits offered by evlt treatment. 

  • Simple procedure 
  • Minimally invasive eliminating the risk of scarring and postoperative infection 
  • Performed under local anesthesia 
  • The procedure takes approximately an hour 
  • The procedure avoids surgery in the operating room along with the associated costs 
  • Quick recovery with reduced postoperative pain 
  • Excellent clinical and aesthetic results 
  • Ease of resuming normal activities immediately 
  • Covered by most insurance companies 

What does the after-care treatment involve? 

It would be recommended to use a compression hose or some kind of compression dressing after the treatment. The dressings should be worn one day following sclerotherapy and one or two weeks after evlt. Compression stockings have been made available in different styles, colors, and styles. It would be advised to return to a normal physical activity routine after the process. However, it would be recommended not to indulge in strenuous aerobic exercises or weight lifting activities for two weeks after the evlt procedure. 

Would abnormal veins come back after the treatment? 

Large varicose veins could recur, especially if you gain weight or do not wear compression hose. These recurrences are not as severe as the initial episode. It could be treated with microphlebectomy and sclerotherapy.