Why are people filing Elmiron lawsuits? Find here!

Elmiron, also known by its generic name – pentosan polysulfate sodium (PPS), is a drug used for treating interstitial cystitis (IC). Elmiron lawsuits claim that the drug can cause different vision problems, including pigmentary maculopathy. The lawsuits allege that the drug maker – Janssen Pharmaceuticals – failed to warn doctors and the public about the side effects of the drug. If someone you know took the drug and has suffered pigmentary maculopathy or other vision problems, they may have the scope to file a Elmiron lawsuit. Below is a quick overview of the basic aspects. 

The ground for lawsuits

There is enough evidence that states that Elmiron can cause vision problems, mainly retinal damage. Elmiron is a drug intended for long-term use and is the only drug approved for interstitial cystitis. As such, many patients took the drug for months, without knowing the possible risks and side effects. Despite growing evidence and research, Janssen Pharmaceuticals failed to inform doctors and patients about the side effects, until June 2020. 

Has Elmiron been recalled?

No, despite the evidence and reports, Elmiron is still available for sale in the market. 

Filing an Elmiron lawsuit

If you have taken Elmiron for a long time before June 2020 and have been diagnosed with vision problems, you may have the scope to file a lawsuit. However, it all depends on the facts of the case. Most personal injury lawyers, who are taking these lawsuits, will be more than happy to offer a free case evaluation. Also, lawyers are filing such lawsuits on a contingency basis, which means you don’t have to pay an upfront fee. 

Things that matter

Note that Elmiron lawsuits are still in the early stages. No settlement or verdict has been passed yet. Also, these lawsuits will eventually join an MDL, or Multi-District Litigation, which will help in streamlining the litigation process. In case of MDLs, a few bellwether cases will go to trial, and the eventual judgement will set the tone for further negotiations for other cases. These are all individual Elmiron lawsuits and not class action. This means that all the plaintiffs will get separate settlements.

From the time you are diagnosed with retinal issues, you have a limited time, according to the statute of limitations in your state, to file a personal injury lawsuit. Make sure that you talk to an experienced and known attorney or hire a law firm that’s currently dealing with other Elmiron lawsuits.